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Review OH in digital collections

Page history last edited by Sunchai Hamcumpai 10 years, 5 months ago



  1. Billy Reed Oral History Interview 1/28/2010 
  2. Billy Reed Oral History Interview 9/18/2009 
  3. Black History Month Speaker Series Kickoff  2/7/2012
  4. Black History Month Speaker Series-Dr. Henry Ross 2/21/2012
  5. Black History Month Speaker Series-James Belford Page  2/14/2012
  6. Black History Month Speaker Series-MacArthur Evans 2/7/2012
  7. Celebration of Black History Month 2/23/2010
  8. CLiC Talk- From Segregation to Desegregation: A Conversation from Experience in Texas Schools  11/30/2011
  9. Coming Together: A conversation with Norris Community Members and Other Experts  10/21/2009
  10. Derryle Peace Oral History Interview 1/6/2010 
  11. Derryle Peace Oral History Interview 12/8/2009 
  12. Dr. John Carlos at Ferguson Auditorium-TAMU-Commerce 
  13. Dr. John Carlos at Paris Junior College, Paris, TX. 
  14. Dr. John Carlos at Red River Region Business Incubator, Paris, TX. 
  15. Harry Turner Oral History Interview 11/13/2009 
  16. Harry Turner Oral History Interview 11/16/2009 
  17. Harry Turner Oral History Interview 11/23/2009 
  18. Harry Turner Presentation (at Dr.  Dr. Jessica Wranosky's class)
  19. Ivory Moore Oral History Interview 11/6/2009 
  20. Ivory Moore Oral History Interview-11/16/2009 
  21. Rebecca Cord Oral History Interview 3/1/2010 
  22. Dr. Shannon Carter on Remixing Rural Texas Presentation 


Not include in the digital collections

  1. Dr. John Carlos Oral History Interview at TAMU-Commerce, by Dr. Carter
  2. Billy Reed Oral History Interview 9/27/2010, by Kelly  
  3. East Caney Baptist Church, Wesley Pryor and Felton Askew 10/11/2009, by Dr. Carter
  4. East Caney Baptist Church, Harold Askew 10/11/2009, by Dr. Conrad
  5. Helen Wagner 9/18/2009 by Dr. Conrad
  6. Opal Pannel with student visit at Mt.Moriah Church 2/9/2010, by Dr. Carter
  7. Paralee Malinda Price Oral History Interview 12/19/2009 by Dr. Conrad
  8. Writing Local History Panel Discussion at Commmerce Week on Writing 10/20/2009
  9. Dr. Ralph Wood lectures on "Why East Texas No Longer Belongs to the Bible Belt", Paul Barrus Day, Dept. of Lit Lang, 4/9/2010
  10. AC McMillan African American Museum, 11/19/2011
  11. Gwen Lawe St. Paul School visit + Speaker Series (on YouTube, video by Christina) 
  12. Jamar Mosley 4/19/2012 by Dr. Carter (on YouTube, video by Sunchai)
  13. Opal Pannel Oral Histry Interview by Dr. Carter 3/6/2012 (on YouTube, video by Christina)
  14. Dr. Jim Conrad History of Neylandville (On YouTube)  
  15. Noah Nelson Oral History Interview by Jerry Biggs 6/25/2012 
  16. MacArthur Evans Oral History Interview (video by Christina) 






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