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Adam's Timesheets

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First team meeting, recieved assignments. 

6-8-12  Friday  2.5  Attempted to work on video, had technical problems.  


HOURS  5.5   








Clic meeting, received further assignments.  

6-12-12 Tuesday 

Worked on video "Finding Myself."  Found out due to

Technical issues, I am going to need to re-construct the

video.  Began the process.  

6-13  Wednesday 

Created annotation for Glory Road, and the KA

"Old South Week." Then worked on Finding Myself.  

Worked on the portion of

the KA "Old South Week."  Got the Dixie song.  

6-14  Thursday  10  Had meeting, then worked on the video.  

6 - 15                               Friday                                       2                              Worked on video

total HOURS  22.5   
6-18  Monday Meeting 
6-19  Tuesday 

Worked on video, brought in Noahs audio

into the mix.  

6-21  Thursday  9.5  Brought video to near completion 
6-22  Friday  .5 

Was able to do a little bit of work

further on the video 

Total    14    
6-25 Monday  2.5 Met and worked on video 
6-26  Tuesday 

shot some of the second video with

the crew. 

6-27  Wednesday  3.5 

worked on editing the video, near completion.  

6-28  Thursday  4.5 

worked on first video and and downloaded

videos for the second video project.  

6-29  Friday 

meeting, then began "A Clear Channel."  Hit

a few snags, but overall things went well.

Got to the ending of Part 2. 

Total  HOURS  20.5   
7-2  Monday 

Attended meeting with CliC.  Discussed the

new parts of "A Clear Channel" 

7-3  Tuesday 

Worked on editing Part Three of "A Clear 


7-5  Thursday 10.5 

Meeting then Finished Part 3. Worked on

editing Part 4 and part of 5. 

7-6  Friday  5.5  Finished part 5 began part 6 


7-9  Monday  4.5 

Worked on Clear Channel part 1,

got citations for music for Still        


7-10  Tuesday  4.5 

meeting then did some editing of

part 1 

7-11  Wednesday  7.5 

met with Kelly and Jennifer, then worked

on video edits and editing the story-


7-12  Thursday  9.5 

met with Kelly/Jennifer, then edited 

through section 4.  

Total  hours  26  - overall summer 114.5 hours 
7-16  Monday  Worked on completing segment 1-3 
7-17  Tuesday  finished segment 3 collaboratively 
7-18  Wednesday  7.5  finished segment 4 with Dr. Carter total 135


7--19  Thursday    6     Completed the video                             
Total  Hours  26.5  - overall summer 141 hours 
7-23  Monday 

Finalized ACC part 1 &


7-26  Thursday 1.5  Worked on Annotations for ACC part 1.  
7-27  Friday

Worked on annotations, edited for ACC part

TOTAL  WEEKLY  11.5  152.5 
7-30  Monday  worked on a few edits and annotations 
7-31  Tuesday 

worked at archives to aqcuire info for


8-1  Wednesday  4

worked on annotations and pulling


8-2  Thursday 

worked on timecode for part 3 of 

video storyboard  

8-3  Friday

annotations/storyboard -

Total  WEEKLY  21 hrs 

Total overall 173.5

8-7  Tuesday  video presentation/ and archive tour 
8-9  Thursday  4.5hrs  worked on video 





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