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Media-Part IV

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In remix:

If possible, list where you think it might work, why you suggest it might work there, and link directly to the item you are suggesting.


Negative Reaction -Nov. 4, 1970.pdf I think this is the letter to the editor. Kelly

The date is actually earlier. --10/28/1970 (written by Elvin Hensley)--SC

Kelly has added this direct llink to the updated storyboard Still Searching Storyboard --sc2-forTuesday.docx  Still Searching Storyboard --sc2-forTuesday.pdf


In popcorn:

If you are uncomfortable adding suggestions to the table below, you can list after table or copy and paste in another table or complete list/table elsewhere and link to it here.


timestamp   audio video image map timeline context footnote permissions


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