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In remix:

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Begin with 1:36 (give Cosby a few minutes to settle into his chair, through “What’s the whitest thing you know?” to . . . “”You have to dig to find that fact “ at 2:23 (but before he says “it’s not much histohy . . ) –fade to black

(instead of below from "What About Prejudice?", which we will bring in later when we are at Velma Water's bit.


Wht About Prejudice (1959):

At 10:58-11:20 (question mark at very end). useful introduction to origins of predudice, which the remix then complicates.





In popcorn:

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timestamp audio video image map timeline context footnote permissions
  What About prejudice clip same (link to above)       "mntal hygene" race relations (SC)    



I searched for images of myself in the historic photos of ET. My assignment was a remix of existing artifacts from the archives.
in the archives*   Gee Library 2011 description of assignment and link to Jamar reflecting on assignment (SC)    

As above.

I wanted to write about my people.

screencast (digital collections)     2011 (I'll write here about local desegregation and (in brief) this writer) (SC)    
  I wanted to see faces like mine in the historical photos of the campus.  (contines across images beyond this one)   Mayo with plow* campus 1899(?)      

Black students like me. Black athletes like me. (as above)

? next image campus date      




*(include in digital collections and link to it from here)

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Video: “Coming Together” panel (recording shared Feb 16)


Caption at bottom of screen:

Maydell Pannell, Commerce, TX

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Audio: “We could work here but we could not go to school here” (Maydell Pannell)



Caption: Belford Page (Dallas, Texas), attended ETSU 1968-1971


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Audio: “I was shocked! I thought every white person loved them some Belford Page!


Source: black history month last week

Belford Page Speaker Series: Photos




John Carlos: Bone & tail

"...Black people got extra bone in their body and why they do certain thing. Black people got the tail..." 

time stamp 14:30-16:00 from his Oral History Video

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ohn Carlos: Arrival to Dallas airport, "My name was changed to boy"

video preview :time stamp: 0.56-1.50  

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Thesis: Eyewitness to Social Change: The Racial Desegregation of East Texas State College 1964-1972

By: Debra Greenwell Wilkison  

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Click here for larger view : wilkisontheses