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Video, Draft 1: http://northeasttexasliteracy.weebly.com/the-st-paul-school.html

Storyboard, draft 1: destination for dreams storyboard.docx

Feedback, Storyboard draft #1: http://screencast.com/t/zogsEqGBl2


Looks good! Only suggestions are above, with these--


Visit with experts about St. Paul and the phenomenon of these schools (How pervasive were they in Texas? When did they begin? When did they begin to disappear? How was St. Paul established? How typical was it? How atypical? Did it serve the entire county? We understand students would bus to school, sometimes for more than two hours one way, to attend high school as no black high schools were available to them closer to home. Is this atypical?)


With Dr. Conrad Thursday, 2/16? Conrad can speak from schools like these across East Texas more generally (see especially his Freedom Colonies) and St. Paul in particular (has written extensively about St. Paul and helped get the historical marker there)

With Dr. Wranosky's friend (perhaps at the East Texas Historical Association?)--I'm contacting Dr. W now (SC on 2/15). --friend wrote dissertation on such schools across Texas. 


Include theme of distance traveled to St. Paul (part of title)


     Lots of great images of buses transporting students to St. Paul from great distances

     Audio: might include Gwen Lawe, who writes about distance traveled in her memoir and will likely speak about distance in oral history interview


Separate But Unequal


     Good idea to include images of black and white schools

     Might also be useful to include something from oral history interview with Felton Askew and Wesley Pryer on East Caney and another area school (in Sulpher Springs) concerning separate schooling that sounds much like that in earliest      days of St. Paul. Ask Sunchai for help locating that oral history interview. We can also help you find relevant timecodes


RRT (home)

hi, Christina! You rock socks!


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